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Java fejlesztő (LE-9211)

Megbízónk egy banki informatika területén működő vállalat multinacionális vállalat meglévő csapatának bővítésére keres Java fejlesztő munkatársat.

Tester (VD-7794)

On behalf of our client we are looking for qualified and experienced candidates in Software tester position.

Senior UX designer (SE-9275)

They are expanding their team of 17 UX professionals with senior designers. Our partner is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world. They strive to develop solutions that transform marketers’ lives so they can excel in their profession rather than doing repetitive, boring activities on a daily basis.

In the last 4 years, they have built an agile, fast-moving, research-aware design team. They have released fantastic products. They are fast and furious. They never settle. They know that a release is not the end, but the beginning of great design. They believe that design is a team sport.

Senior Network Engineer (TB-9163)

We are looking for top candidates for a Senior Network Engineer position. Our multinational partner enterprise is an active member of the European energy market, which secures its top position with innovative solutions.

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